Photographing an AirBnB Home

Referrals are so good!

     In life, it has always amazed me the power of the referral. To know that someone you have worked with enjoys what you do so much and trusts your ability to deliver to refer you to one of their friends-its, well, priceless! If you have not yet experienced this, hang on and you will.

Grand Sycamore AirBnB

     During the Summer of 2016 I and Bluberry Productions,LLC had an opportunity, via a referral from a real estate agent friend of mine, to shoot her friend’s home for AirBnb. I jumped at the opportunity and set up a time that would be most convenient for the home owner. Turned out she had a Sunday afternoon free between 4pm and 6pm. I agreed to that and showed up a little early with my camera and tripod. The home was almost 100 years old and in the Craftsman style of architecture. It exuded charm, grandeur, warmth and I knew this would be a wonderful photo session.

     It went very well and here are just a few shots from that afternoon. I asked the client if she had a name for the home and she said, “no, do you have one in mind?” I didn’t at that moment but when I stepped into the back yard it hit me! Just off the back deck was an enormous sycamore tree (Plantanus x Acerifolia) It literally took only a moment to come up with the other word in the title “GRAND”, the client loved it and I got to work in Photoshop creating something to sell that.grand-sycamore

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So, this referral lead to another one only a few weeks later to one of this client’s friends! This time it was not for Airbnb but a brand new home, also in the Craftsman style. It was built as a spec by a local Atlanta builder and his agent was the friend of the Airbnb client with whom I had worked a few weeks prior. That shoot went quite well too. Here are a few shots from that job.

Oh and when people refer you to others, always follow it up with a thank you note! It has become apparent to me that the art has, at least for some, fallen out of fashion. My mom told me that people appreciate notes of thanks and that they remember them. In closing, allow me to say that I too pass along business to those in need and refer some really great talent when asked. It is the least Bluberry Productions,LLC can do.

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