When Sleep Evades

We’re all aware that we need a good 8 hours of sleep. OK, if you’re one of those who can honestly get by with less, good. Wish I were like that. Alas I sit here sleep deprived after waking every hour and a half to stare at the green glow of my digital clock. I ask why.  I will put forth several reasons.

For one, I have a job at which I pretty much sit all day. Oh yes, I do a bit of mental exercise during that time but the lack of good physical activity is surely a contributing factor.


For a second contributing element to my trouble, I have a man who snores and falls asleep really quickly. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have that talent! Sure, I can up and leave to sleep in the guest bedroom but last night I didn’t so here i am. Using my time to tell you about it all. It is sort of funny.  I am more productive as an insomniac than a well rested man. Yes, it is true and something that evades my understanding most of the time.

Third and probably the most obvious reason for my lack of good REM sleep is that I enjoyed a cup of Constant Comment tea late in the day on Friday and the caffeine kick in as I was laying down to sleep. I won’t do that again and see what come of it. I do know that if that had been a cup of coffee, it would have produced the same result. Sleep a little initially after going to bed then BOOM 2am arrives and I am wide awake. Does this happen to you? If so, I would like to chat about it with you.


Fourth, and finally, I see my age as a factor too. At 56 sleep evades me more than any other time in my life. I remember my mom’s mother, Flo, when she was in her 70’s getting up early too. She was busy. She would be up at 5AM casing her front garden for snails. They were her garden’s nemesis and her goal was to eradicate them. She would collect them in a used coffee can, some mornings 10 or 20 snails! After that she would pour salt on them and let them die. Some might call it Mollusk Murder. Not grandma. My point is that we are human and each a little different in that some need more sleep than others. If you are awake, be busy because you can take a nap later in your day and then get back to a rhythmic sleeping schedule. A schedule, yes I said it. Having a regular patter of bedtime is essential. Oh, and put the mobile devices away and not within reach at bedtime. They just make it worse.



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