Roswell, GA Photo Walk, An Adventure in B and W

iron gate detail
f 5.6 —ISO 100 —shutter speed 1/40/sec

(inspired by photo vlogger Ted Forbes RE: Photo Assignments)

It was a day in the Fall of 2017 that my partner and I decided to stroll the streets of Roswell, Georgia to shoot anything we fancied. We gave ourselves an assignment and mine was to shoot only in black and white using my 50mm prime lens. When deciding what to photograph, I took into account a few parameters. One, to choose objects which would bring contrast. Two, to have those objects be somewhat interesting ei hither through shape of movement or both. Three, to not obstruct the view of another photographer in the area who was taking baby photos. 🙂

IMG_8818 (2)
f 5.6 — ISO 200 — shutter speed 1.8/sec

The above image was a fluke. I was walking along and just happened upon the scissors and lens from a pair of glasses on the pavers. For one, the pavers are a cool pattern by themselves but with these to totally unrelated objects sitting on those pavers, something interesting happens. This scene was NOT staged. I positioned myself above them and if you look carefully in the lens, you can see part of my reflection silhouetted against a partly cloudy sky. Magic like this can occur at anytime, anyplace to anyone. Be willing and able to recognize it when it happens.

IMG_8786 (2)
f-5 — ISO 100 — shutter 1/1250 sec

OK, here is a good one too. This image of a church steeple connotes a sense of darkness, foreboding, erie-calm. My idea was to vignette it a bit in post and add an HDR effect to it. The HDR effect didn’t work very well with the lighting so I didn’t include it here. Still this shot brings me to a fun and interesting place. Slightly off-center as if to indicate something is not quite okay with being here. Do you sense that too? Does #creepy come to mind? I really enjoy the clouds to the right of the steeple, they look like ghostly white flames.

f-5.6 — ISO 400 — Shutter 1/60 sec

In my final image here, I thought I would include one person. The simple silhouette of Federico leaning on a post with his knee up caught my lens’s attention. The light was near sunset so his back is illuminated with a strip of light. With the maple tree to the right I did my best to balance the light/dark relationship, as well, not overwhelm the subject with too much going on. did I succeed? Perhaps. All photos have been shot using a Canon Rebel T2i (discontinued by the manufacturer) which was given to me for my 50th birthday six years ago. Below are a few more shots I took while on the walk…

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