5 Elements to a Successful Life


Ah yes, the online presence we so fervently chase. Blogging a list of this or that to capture the attention of a relentlessly fickle reader/audience. Well, to some, perhaps. When we read a headline with a list we, without so much as a thought about it, envision another grab for SEO and all the trappings it can provide. We simply cannot help it, we have been conditioned to think this way by these devices. I like to think of it as some sort of mechanism to allow us to adapt and in some ways grow. Within this blog I plan on telling you the five elements of a successful life. Are there more than just five? Oh, I sure hope so.  Initially, I was imagining about ten or so but with the attention span you are fostering I thought five would be more manageable.


Believe in your ability to alter your world or situation. I have discovered that the older I grow, the less flexible I become. Well, yes, in the physical sense this is certainly the case but I am talking about my attitude. We have all done this…been at a job which seems not to satisfy us and we complain about it. I can see you nodding, it IS true. Complaining about your situation is the recognition stage. We have to acknowledge a situation isn’t to our liking before we can alter it. Right? Once you do this you are freed. You are free to select your action to alter your situation. Really? Is that it? YES. I mean, really, complaining then doing nothing is silly. DO SOMETHING! We have an innate need to get better through out lives and what better way than to chart our own course through action? You will be utterly amazed as you do it and arriving at your goal will bring great success and satisfaction.Wayne's Engine


Never miss an opportunity to make people laugh. This is a big one! I venture to guess you don’t consider yourself a comedian. Fair enough. Let me tell you a little story about one instance several years ago. I was at work, a large media company in Atlanta, and I was waiting to take the lift to the sixth floor. I was in the lobby so the trip was short. The lift door opened and there were several, perhaps six people, inside. A bit crowded I would say. I do recall there was this one chap with disheveled red hair and a fair complexion. I had no idea who he was so I extended my hand and told him my name. He, in kind, shook my hand and said, “Hello, I am Ed Sheeran.” I replied, “Nice to meet you Ed. Are these your groupies?” At that, they all laughed! I knew they were his people, not groupies, so I took the opportunity, ran with an idea and it worked. By the sixth floor the tension in the lift had dissipated and I got off to head to my little studio-the rest of the day went smashingly well.


Be engaged and don’t be shy about touting your talent(s).


I understand if you’re shy about telling those who ask about what you do, most of us are and know you can overcome it. Shyness has no place in a successful life. Meeting new people is a skill. It involves a certain set of actions, attitudes and practice to master however it doesn’t take that long to do so. If you’re one of the shy ones you have to pop outside of your comfort zone, join a meet-up group or three and jump into them with both feet. Like anything in life, the more you do it the more comfy you’ll feel about doing it again and again. Above all, be genuine and listen to what others have to say. Being a great listener takes practice too-you’ll get there.


Allow yourself more than adequate time for you.

This world can be overwhelming. The day to day is just begging for you to stop, wait, relax and take stock of what truly matters-your well-being.  Too often we get wrapped up in all the little details of life and we forget for and with whom we’re living. Ourselves.  The goal here is to unplug. No, not just turning off our devices but also our minds. Creating a relaxed mind does take effort too but on a separate wavelength from our active state. Meditation offers our minds to not totally shut down, but to not focus on anything. Those streaming ideas which access our brains from moment to moment are allowed to pass on by in the meditative state. “A review study last year at Johns Hopkins looked at the relationship between mindfulness meditation and its ability to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain.” This quote is from a February 2015 article in Forbes magazine by author Alice G. Walton, who covers the disciplines of  health, medicine, psychology and neuroscience. If you’re new to meditation there are many videos online to assist with this mindful practice.                                                                                                          

Dr. Teals Epsom Salts.jpg


Be grateful for all your can.

One thing I am really thankful for is this guy!  For such a young man he truly has a handle on this life thing. If you do the first four elements in this list then reflect on your blessings, what could be bad about that? I appreciate you reading this far and I wish you the best with your life. Enjoy and share the joy by passing this along, it will improve your life and those of others. Thank you!

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