Time to Get Serious About the VOBusiness

Interview with voice over talent Ashley Sahler(Sailor)

  With all the interest in the voice over business as of late, it looks as though the floodgates have burst open with so many more people entering it.    We suppose it would be in the interest of those folks to help them along their journey with regards to getting their goals organized and achieved. What better way to do that than to bring it to video? Bluberry Productions,LLC is proud to bring to you “VO Business“. Each voice over talent is interviewed with answers to questions like, “How did you begin in the voice over business?” and “Are you currently training with anyone?” We are doing all this for our  benefit too in that we learn so much by working with every participant, at the same time giving them a little more exposure!

     With our inaugural talent, Ashley Sahler from Smyrna, GA, we had a relaxed time getting to know her specialty-animation. A graduate of SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, in Atlanta, Ashley is also familiar with sound design. Her credits include recording sound for various student projects after her time in college.  Ashley has voiced various animated projects, video games, app games, and as well commercials. She trained with well-known voice actors in the industry, such as Don Morrow, Crispin Freeman, Pat Fraley and Marc Cashman. She is amazing to hear. Her voices range from little boy to stern mother in scolding mode! Go to her website to hear for yourself-she really has a knack for this stuff!

Animation VO talent Ashley Sahler
Animation VO talent Ashley Sahler


     Ashley has also done a bit of acting during her young career. She says that one of the most valuable contributors to her acting prowess is the art of improv. Improv, she says, can free you to be other characters and many characters as it helps you get in touch with the emotions of those characters for easy access. Another element that is vital to her career success is persistence. To not give up may sound easy but with the word “no” as part of her everyday life, she has learned to hear. “no, not yet.”

     With so many more interviews to do in the not-too-distant future we hope Ashley will grant us more as her career progresses. We look forward to following Ashley for years to come-we’ll gladly share her success with you! Our first episode will be posted on our Vimeo page the week of June 15. We hope you enjoy the series and if you would like to see yourself featured and are an Atlanta VO talent-let us know by contacting us on our website.

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