Felesha Love, MBA
Felesha Love, MBA

    Being Present Can Avail You to So Much

     As Bluberry Productions races through another year, we are taking time to reflect on what blessings have come our way. In the few past months we have experienced milestones, not huge but still noteworthy for which we may be grateful. The lady pictured above, for example. Meet Felesha. She came to us through a mutual employer at the end of last year and brought along her sunny disposition and infectious sense of humor. Both of those proved too much for us to resist! Working with Felesha not only inspires but creates a tensionless environment so beneficial for enjoying what we do.

     Being present is part of her message. Her business, thrives on being present and available to her clients so they can better their lives with her coaching and her knowledge of yoga. Felesha Love, an appropriate last name I might add, gives so much in her work. It shows in her spirit, attitude and approach to her methods. A little more about Felesha from her website, “In in the late 90’s, Felesha was recognized on state and local levels for her contributions to community and fitness. Numerous public school teachers and administrators from Atlanta and surrounding counties presented awards of acknowledgment for her efforts to promote healthy lifestyles for youth K-12. In addition, she received “The Phoenix Award” from former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell and the Lieutenant Colonel, Aide-De-Camp, Governor’s award from former Governor Zell Miller. Since 2006, Felesha has served as a faculty member at Spelman College where she created the curricula for Step Aerobics, Aqua Aerobics, Beginning Yoga and Intermediate Yoga courses. Find out why her classes are the most sought after courses in Atlanta. Book Felesha Love for your next workshop, seminar or training to deliver empowering education.” Now, if that isn’t accomplishment, we don’t know the meaning of the word!  Being present to the good life brings is our goal, as it should be everyone’s. Be open to everything but be selective in keeping those great relationships, both long and short-term, which offer mutual benefit.

     When some brief time had passed, Felesha knew we did photography and loved our work. She asked if we would like to photograph her, we jumped at that opportunity and here we are! Mutually benefiting one another both personally and professionally. For what more can we ask? Not much, we are happy to say!  Thank you to Felesha Love and her trust, understanding and giving nature!

     Oh, by the way…the photo shoot went really well!

Left to right-Charlie Sill, Felesha Love, Federico Vasquez
Left to right-Charlie Sill, Felesha Love, Federico Vasquez

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