Bluberry Food Shoot, How about Waffles?

Waffles003 copy
Texture of the waffle offers visual cues to the way it might feel when you enjoy a bite of one.


With a camera in hand and an idea, something happened. No, not something overly exciting, but something that happens all across the globe most mornings. Breakfast. Something we know we should include at the beginning of our day but in this instance we would not be able to go without it.

     In our ongoing series “Bluberry Food Shoot” we thought waffles would be a good subject for the simple reasons… that they are common and interesting. Starchy cakes with a unique shape and all those little compartments to display and shape the light which strikes them. Oh, and another reason-we had some sourdough starter which needed to be used up.

     Upon making the waffles we set the scene using a base of a red napkin. Red is rich and somewhat elegant, it went well with the chosen pattern on the plate, aptly named “Summer Grove”. As with most food shoots we also decided that some fruit in the scene would compliment the fruit on the plate pattern. Who does not enjoy strawberries? Oh sure bluberries would work too along with bananas or peaches but we had these and the bluberries we had were frozen, not attractive on camera at all. (For effect we intentionally misspelled “bluberries” here.)

The overall scene captures a moment in which all the elements of a big sumptuous breakfast are present, ie butter, syrup. (butter is slightly elevated using a spent cat food can)

Before we began we set up one 18-inch soft box/diffused LED light and put it camera left of the scene just above the scene table. This was in an effort to mimic the light of day streaming through a window.  In post we adjusted levels and color just a little to darken the background in those few  shots it was distracting.

All in all the shots were pleasing. One caveat though we offer to you is that if you plan on using waffles for a shoot them plan on eating them immediately after…it would be a good idea to wrap them in a damp paper towel and reheat them using your microwave oven. We didn’t do that and they were pretty cold and tough.


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