Bluberry Food Shoot 01 of 08

Bluberry Food Shoot

Episode one/eight

We began with just an 18 inch soft box onto which we put its diffusion panel. We didn’t use flash as we wanted to be able to not lug larger, more heavy equipment downstairs into the kitchen. Simpler and lighter is best in most two-man photo shoots.

Federico loves to make these little cookies from his homeland of Venezuela. Rosquillas. They’re little circular doughnut-shaped gems with a light lemon/anise flavor. He decided to place the rosquillas on a gold charger plate with a red cloth napkin underneath it and a lemon in the center._MG_1065

He attempted to use the anise jar in the shot but found it competed too much with the overall look he intended, so he ditched it for the final shots.  Federico was shooting with his Canon 60D with a 50mm lens then he switched that out for a zoom lens at 18-200mm just to mix it up.        _MG_1075 _MG_1080 _MG_1081

After shooting for about a half-hour we came up with some pretty good results.  The solo soft-box performed quite well and brought with it a little drama in some of the shots. At one point we turned on the kitchen lights to see what the light would look like mixing in a little incandescent light which added a bit of warmth to the cookie scene.  Now, here are a few of the more interesting shots we took…as you can tell we have a way to go before submitting our work for publication. Our journey continues…

Thank you for joining us for this episode of Bluberry Food Shoot and we look forward to bringing you more in the upcoming ones. Keep shooting!

IMG_9638 copy IMG_9642 copy IMG_9645 copy IMG_9647 copy IMG_9649 copy

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