Is Your Voice No Good for Voice Over work?


Just a couple of days ago I asked someone if they would be interested in learning how to use their voice to earn money. They politely said they didn’t believe their voice was particularly good for that line of work. After letting that settle in I spoke again and told them it didn’t matter. Oh yes I did. Let it be known that in #voiceover work any voice can be utilized in our field. From the bassiest to the highest pitch, no matter what you think you sound like, you can earn money with that voice. Listen not to the naysayers and keep going in your great direction because someone someplace will hear your voice and think, “I know that voice from somewhere!”

Marketing your voice is the idea that there is no one on Earth with your exact sound. Sure, there may be one similar but not your exact sound. Work that angle and practice your craft. It may take you awhile to develop your signature sound but as you do you will evolve and change and it will happen. Need a marketing coach? and its owner Bill DeWees started in marketing and came to #voiceover several years ago and he is an excellent source for you if you are just starting out. When you chat with him let him know he is recommended by me, Charlie Sill, one who has been earning money using my voice since age 12. I am about to turn 53 years old.retro_microphone_cake_by_tiffswickedcakes-d2zmfu3

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