CSill Voiceovers and Charlie Sill

It has been quite a while since I put an entry into my blog here.  So much has happened in that time-mom passed in October of 2011.  Yes, that was bad but she told me she was ready before she left.  I am okay with that.  It is odd when a loved one dies.  We know them so well and miss them until it hurts but as time goes on the tears dry and we become no longer grieving people.  Something happens with distance from a loss…I like what happens. 🙂


Oh and yes I am still a VO talent.  Here is my facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/CSILL-Voiceovers/214545375300068  Full of all the neat and fun happenings in my world.  Along that thought, I had a new friend over for dinner last night, Armando.  He said one has to constantly market one’s ability so that the success can come through those opening doors.  He told me to email businesses asking if they need a voice for their business.  I will do just that.  Google a business them ask.  Not too difficult, right?  Begin locally then move to a region then all over the planet.  This plan will work but it will take vigilance!  I aim for ten great clients within the next six months.  Follow my progress here, it will be nice to have someone with whom to make my journey.


Onward and upward we go!

Charlie Sill

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