Morning Voice

As I sit in the dawn of both my blossoming vo career and a hot June day, I ponder the variety of ways to make conscious decisions to further my success. In this entry I shall enumerate three. First, I must define what “success” means to me. To me success in the world of voice over is not only generating the money on which I can live comfortably but creating and maintaining the relationships from which the money will flow. Pretty basic and universal, right? OK, second, success in voice over must provide a creative outlet for my energy. Specifically this would entail learning all I can about the software I use and exploit it to the furtherment of my business. I mean…come on…what good is the equipment if one does not utilize its full potential? Finally, and third, as human beings we learn by example and repetition. Examples come from others who have succeeded and the repetition comes through practice of the craft. have you practiced the craft today?

Stay tuned as next time I will bring to you some of the people I find both interesting and successful in our field and what they have shared to further our ventures in voice over.

Charlie Sill
Atlanta, GA

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